Mile Stones

April 7th, 2010
by diw08
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  • Hardware platform with 4+ wheels and space for growth
  • Determine Optimal work load for available motors
  • Design Chassis for steering, motors, power, and controls, also lots of room to add additional hardware
  • Low level movement controls
  • hardware / software to prevent imminent collisions (within several feet)
  • Basic Controls through a computer
  • Attach an non-integrated webcam that is viewable through the network or internet
  • (Could be a completely independant laptop taped to the top)
  • Simple Navigation controls through a computer
  • Simple controls through the internet
  • GPS
    • Record Location w/ sensor data
    • Check navigation against GPS to contain the robot to an area, or keep it out of an area
    • Way point navigation
    • Grid Navigation of an area
    • Optimised grid of irregular shaped area
  • Expansion Mounting (2+ axis of movment for one or modular accessory) e.g. specialised camera, directional sensors…


  • Multiple Expansion Mounting Ports than can be independantly controlled to allow a team to work together, from multiple locations.